Unlock skill mastery for your students with this jam-packed grammar curriculum that takes less than 10 minutes a day.

Attention Teachers.....

Get your kiddos “gabbing” about grammar. Your kiddos will be ready to dive in and start learning. This grammar curriculum was created with busy teachers in mind. I created this resource because I struggled to find a grammar curriculum that had all the components that I needed to make learning grammar fun, meaningful, and effective in a short amount of time. Over the years, this resourced morphed into what it is today.

This Free Resource Includes...

Anchor Charts

Anchor charts are such a great visual for students. You can print in a large poster format to hang in your classroom, or print in a smaller format for your students to glue in an interactive notebook.

This can also serve as a way to introduce the grammar skill. I have included 2 color and 2 black and white versions. 

Teachers can print and use the chart that is already filled out, or they can work with students to fill out the blank chart together.

This image shows four anchor charts for commas in a series

Guided notes & Lessons

This is the meat of the curriculum! Introduce the grammar skill using guided notes. Using guided notes is a great way to walk your student through breaking down and understanding the skill at a deeper level.

This resource also includes daily lessons that have 8 questions each day. These questions are a great way to review the skill of the week. I have also included a short assessment to test how well your students have mastered the skill at the end of the week.

This image is showing the guided notes and daily lessons for commas in a series

Fun activities

These fun activities look like worksheets, but they are not your typical, boring worksheets. Each activity includes a fun riddle or something more for students to work through as they review the skill of the week. 

There are four engaging activities that are different from skill to skill. Some activities may be riddles while others may require students to sort, color, work through a maze or more. These are sure to get your student learning in a fun way.

This image is showing fun and engaging activities for commas in a series.

PowerPoint & Digital

PowerPoints are a great way to project thee lesson during whole group instruction. It serves a visual to keep students engaged. Using the PowerPoint during instruction is another way to guide your students into note-taking. Teachers can also use the included PowerPoint to foster student interaction during whole group instruction. 

This resource also includes a digital version for students who may need to learn from home. The Google Slides can also be assigned if you don’t have access to printers.

The image is showing a picture of a powerpoint for commas in a series

and tons more....

There is so much more that comes with this grammar curriculum. Students can use Practice Skill Cards to help them to dive into whatever they are reading to search for grammar skill in reading texts. 

There is also a recommended lesson plans for teachers who need a copy and paste option when creating school-wide lesson plans. 

Not only is this resource jam packed with tons of engaging activities, but it also takes less than 10 minutes to complete each day. It’s a win…win for teachers and students!

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“It’s so difficul to find the time to teach grammar and make it exciting. this resource does just that!”  Erin M.

“I keep repeating myself, but I really enjoy your Grammar Gabs.”  Julie V.