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7 November Grammar Centers to Spice Up Learning in Upper Elementary

November grammar centers are a great way to get your students diving into skill review and mastery. These November themed grammar centers bring holiday excitement, learning, and fun all together to help your students develop a deeper understanding of grammar skills and how to apply them to other subjects. 

November is the time of year when you are finally feeling a little more organized with all the things… It’s an exciting time of year for you and the kiddos. 

With the holiday break right around the corner, the hallway talk is usually centered around Thanksgiving plans. For you, drinking warm lattes on a cozy morning dance in your vision, but the kiddos dream about turkey and vacations. 

Using November Grammar Centers adds to the excitement of the holiday and all the fun plans! Bring this excitement into learning with seasonal activities to review grammar skills. 

Types of Sentences Turkey Catastrophe

The turkeys lost their feathers! This types of sentence activity is a fun, hands-on grammar center. The students help the turkeys find their missing feathers by matching the correct sentence to the sentence type. 

There are four types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory. All sentences are November-themed and add to the ambiance centered around November fun.

If you want to read more teaching types of sentences, click the link below to read the blog post.

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Cookin' Up Context Clues sorting activity for November Grammar Centers
Sort sentences based on context clues for November

Simply Savory Singular Nouns

It’s time to search for those savory singular nouns with this fun task card activity. Students read November-themed short sentences and then identify all the savory singular nouns within each sentence. 

Some sentences may only contain one or two singular nouns, whereas others may have up to four singular nouns in one sentence. The sentences are easy to read yet challenging enough to get your kiddos thinking. 

This task card activity is great for reviewing singular nouns only. Singular nouns can be common nouns, proper nouns, and more. This is a great way to get your kiddos out of the thinking that each sentence contains only one singular noun.

Passing Through with Possessives

Passing Through with Possessives is a fun game-based center that includes a gameboard, game pieces, and more for your kiddos to play the game. This fun activity takes possessives to a whole new level. 

The questions require students to determine if a pronoun is a possessive pronoun or a possessive adjective! Each color card represents a level of questions. The yellow cards are easier to answer, and the orange cards are a little more challenging. There is a skill review card that will help students with answering the questions. 

The different colors also have point values. The student who reaches the end first with the most points wins the game.

Very Brisk Simple Verb Tense

This is such a fun sorting game for simple verb tenses. Students read the sentence, find the main verb then determine if it is a past, present, or future tense verb. Once the students determine the verb tense, they will sort the cards using the verb tense headers. 

Reading sentences and locating the verb is a little more challenging for students. This center is also a great way to not only review verb tenses but also to review finding verbs within a sentence. Some students struggle with being able to locate verbs. This is great practice for both.

Tic-Tac-Toe Autumn Abbreviations

Ahhhhh…those pesky abbreviations are not necessarily a standard per se, but they are especially important in the world of not only punctuation but capitalization as well….and who doesn’t love a good game of tic-tac-toe, right? 

This center brings review and a fun challenge together. Students work to identify the word for each abbreviation. I have included many different abbreviations in this activity in hopes that students have to really think and find the activity challenging.

A Hootin’ Good Time With Adjectives

This November grammar center is a “hootin’ good time.” Students work to help Mr. Owl find adjectives that act as subject complements. Not sure you remember what a subject complement is? No worries…I got you covered with a skill review card to help your kiddos better understand the job of a subject complement. 

With this center, students read short sentences and then look for the adjective acting as a subject complement. It’s essential for students to understand that descriptive adjective don’t always come before a noun. 

Having this understanding helps students to build better sentences. Toward the end of this November grammar center, students must determine if an adjective comes before a noun or acts as a subject complement, which helps them practice the difference between various descriptive adjectives.

Cookin’ Up Context Clues

It’s time to serve up a full-course meal with these context clues! Your students are tasked with the job of serving their dinner guests. They must ensure they have enough “food” for six guests. This is such a fun center for reviewing context clues. 

The objective of this November grammar center is for students to read the sentence, look at the underlined word, and then determine if the context clue being used is a definition, example, synonym, or antonym context clue. 

The center also includes a skill review with examples to help your students determine the context clues. 

Final Thoughts Using November Grammar Centers

November grammar centers offer a variety of grammar skills for your students to review and practice. Some of these skills are not necessarily standards but are essential to grammar. 


Some activities may be quick and easy, while others may be a little more difficult. Some skills may be lower elementary skills, but they also may be skills that your students lack and need review to help with bridging learning gaps. 

For the more challenging skills, I will include a review sheet to help students better understand the objective for each center. Hope you find this helpful in deciding if this activity is right for your upper elementary classroom.

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