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3 Best Ways to Organize Task Cards for Easy Storage

Organizing task cards doesn’t have to be a pain! I have 3 best ways to organize task cards for easy storage that will keep your task cards in one place and easy to access.

You’ve got all of these amazing task cards and ideas on how to use them in your classroom, but you’re struggling with ways to store the task cards. I have the 3 best ways to organize task cards to ensure easy storage and access. 

If you’re reading this, and you don’t have task cards…WHAT?! Friend, you are missing out! Finish reading here, then head over post where I share some amazing benefits of using task cards with your students. 

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Organize Task Cards with Photo Storage Boxes

Staying on top of organizing task cards can be a pain, especially when you have so many to keep up with. 

Organizing the cards in a photo storage box is a great way to ensure they are kept neat and tidy. 

This is my favorite way to store task cards because the boxes provide a simple solution for easy sorting, making it easy to quickly find the ones you need. 

You can also label the boxes for quick reference, which comes in handy when organizing multiple sets of task cards. 

Not only do the photo storage boxes make it easy to store task cards, but they also make it easy for students to grab and go. The boxes give students an easy way to grab a set of task cards and take them back to their desks. Students look for the labeled photo box with the skill they need and get busy working. 

I have provided free editable labels to help you get started with organizing your task cards using photo storage boxes. 

Organize Task Cards with Binder Rings

Don’t have a photo storage box? No worries…I have another way to organize and store your task cards easily, and that’s with binder rings. 

Binder rings provide an effective way to not only organize task cards, but you can use them to display the task cards by hanging them in a designated area for easy access. 

Another perk of using binder rings is that your task cards aren’t easily lost or misplaced. 

Binder rings can securely hold your task cards together and keep them neatly organized, making it easy for your students to grab a set when they are ready to practice skills.

With binder rings, organizing task cards is a breeze – you can add, delete, or rearrange task cards based on the needs of the students. You can also choose to keep secure the entire set of task cards at once or secure half and add to them over time depending on how your students are mastering the skill.

Not only are binder rings an easy way to secure all your task cards in one place, but they’re also an inexpensive way of organizing them. You can grab a set at your local supply store for a relatively reasonable price and organize all your task cards in a snap.

Organize task cards with Plastic Ziplock Baggies

If you’re looking to save a few bucks, I’ve got you covered! Photo storage boxes can be a little expensive. 

Binder rings might not be as easy to find, but plastic ziplock baggies are not only easy to find, but they come in all shapes and sizes, making it easy to store those pesky task cards that don’t quite fit in a 4×6 storage box.

Ziplock bags are the simplest way to organize all of your task cards. The baggies are transparent, making it easy to quickly find the task cards you need to pull for students.

Another positive of using ziplock baggies is that you can easily label the baggies with a permanent marker. No need to get fancy with labeling! 

Plus, you can buy a huge box to organize many task cards without breaking the bank. If you have a baggie that rips open, no problem; simply toss it and grab another baggie. 

Bottom line: Ziplock baggies are inexpensive and reliable when it comes to organizing your task cards. Next time you’re grocery shopping, grab a few boxes and a fancy permanent marker and get busy organizing your task cards.

Final Thoughts on Organizing Task Cards

If organizing is your thing, then get your hands on some essential tools to get you started. Organizing task cards is an easy solution that you can customize however you’d like.

Separate and organize your task cards in whichever way best suits your classroom needs: inside the photo storage boxes, fastened with the binder rings, or individually in individual ziplock baggies. 

These three strategies will help you maintain an orderly system for all of your task cards, and they will provide an easy way for students to access the task cards they need for learning and reviewing; time to get busy organizing!

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3 Best Ways to Organize Your Task Cards for Easy Storage

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